PSG Will Lego Stars Argentina national team to China

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PSG Will Lego Stars Argentina national team to China

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) already has plans for the transfer market next season Le Parisien called ready melego one of his players, Angel Di Maria.

The success of PSG landed Kylian Mbappe and Neymar made Di Maria knocked out of the first team. Argentine players are also starting to often sit on the bench.

Do not want his money in vain paying Di Maria, PSG was reportedly eager to sell Di Maria. In addition, PSG wants to sell Di Maria to conform to the Financial Fair Play regulations.

As reported by Sports Mole, PSG also made China as the main target to anchor Di Maria. The plan, PSG will sell Di Maria in the January transfer market.

Angel Di Maria joins PSG from Manchester United in 2015/16. During three season costumed PSG, Di Maria has made 28 goals from 89 appearances.

29-year-old player has collected six trophies with PSG. According to the transfermarkt site, Di Maria has a purchase clause worth 36 million pounds sterling or Rp 642 billion.

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