Coutinho Call Liverpool Fell To The Same Hole

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Coutinho Call Liverpool Fell To The Same Hole

Liverpool playmaker Philippe Coutinho said that four goals scored by Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley could have been prevented by his team.

Harry Kane scored two goals by utilizing the weakness of the Reds back line, with Son Heung-Min and Dele Alli also punishing the weakness of Jurgen Klopp’s fortress.

And the frustrated Coutinho, who failed to conquer Hugo Lloris to score the consolation goal in the game, said: “Our conceded goals can be prevented. It started from the wing and we finally conceded one of the goals the manager has been talking about. ”

“He talked a lot about this, we’ve conceded a lot of goals like this. And certainly in the attack we can not score the goals necessary to equalize or reverse the game, “he added.

“We were in the game during the first half, then we conceded that made things worse,” Coutinho continued.

Liverpool have conceded 15 times in away games this season, the highest number of Premier League titles in 2017-18 and three more goals from bottom club Crystal Palace. But Coutinho believes that his team’s problems are not only in defense, but on the whole team.

He added: “The first goal starts in a widening position, where everyone is involved in defending, not just the right player behind. We have to fix this as soon as possible in order to win the game and be more competitive. With a tough match like this, we know these are the decisive things. So we need to concentrate more on handling the ball like this. ”

“The first goal scored after four minutes and the second after 12 or 13 minutes. It’s hard to play against a strong team when you start a game like that. We had to work hard, cutting the ball off the wing. We have to concentrate more to face it, “concluded The Little Magician.

Defeat when Tottenham opponent makes Liverpool fell to 9th position in the Premier League standings with 13 points from nine games. (Source: ESPN)

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