Fernando Llorente’s reaction to Tottenham with Juventus

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Fernando Llorente’s reaction to Tottenham with Juventus

Tottenham Hotspur striker Fernando Llorente is very happy to face Juventus in the last 16 of the Champions League. Spanish striker was admitted from the beginning did want Tottenham faced with the club that had defended it.

The meeting between The Lilywhites and the Bianconeri made Llorente so excited. Spanish striker who ever uniformed Juventus in 2013 to 2015 was admitted to pray to be able to face Paulo Dybala et al.

“I am very excited and eager to talk about this draw, I played for two years there and won five titles, I want to face this team,” said Llorente on the official website of Tottenham Hotspur.

Llorente’s desire to face Juventus because he wanted to be nostalgic with his teammates who are considered very unusual. Llorente also praised Juventus who until now has a quality player.

“I have wonderful memories and I really enjoy my time at the club, this is one of the biggest clubs in the world,” said the player who packs 27 goals and 10 assists in 92 matches with Juventus in 2013 until 2015.

I have many friends there. It will be a great match. They have a very good team with very good players, “he continued.

However, so admiring Juventus did not make Llorente spirit to be able to bring Tottenham Hotspur won the game was receding. 32-year-old player was admitted very confident Tottenham Hotspur can show a great game.

“We can believe in ourselves because we are a very good team, focused, concentrated and aggressive We can do amazing things,” Llorente said confidently.

Juventus will first host Tottenham Hotspur at Juventus Stadium on 13 February 2018. After that new Spurs will alternately host the Bianconeri at Wembley Stadium on March 7, 2018.

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